About Us

Our Vision

We see ourselves as the leading school tour operator in Sub Saharan Africa.

Our Mission

We provide our future leaders with environmental tours,  educational tours, school tours, school trips to contribute to the planet. We conduct these  tours in wilderness areas to contribute  to nature conservation through educating our learners.

Our Values

We strive to be the best we can be and try to get the learners to do the same.


Ronel M. Harris, herself the mother of three bustling, boisterous bodies - founded Outdoor Education Africa in 2000 inspired by her own passion for our beautiful country when realizing the wealth of knowledge we stand to gain from embracing nature. Her goal is to engender the same adoration for our environment in others, especially our youth, so that we will take a stand for our beloved heritage.


Outdoor Education Africa is registered with the Gauteng Deptartment of Education (GDE) ensuring Government Regulation.



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