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Oct 2014

How to plant a tree on Arbor Day

How to plant a tree on Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a worldwide holiday that is celebrated at different times during the year in different regions. Having started in the 19th century in Nebraska in the United States, the day has become a popular way of giving back to nature. In order to do so, and to make sure that your planted tree will grow to its full capacity, it is important to understand how to plant the tree properly. With most plants, it may be as simple as clearing a little patch of mulch and sticking the plant into it, then re-covering it to ensure that the roots grab hold. Trees, however, need a little more care and attention than that.


•   The first thing you need to do is to make sure your tree and the soil you’re looking to plant it in is good enough to promote growth. You will preferably need a large section of open land with loose, fertilized and watered soil. Make sure your trees roots are not broken or clumped too much, because this will cause it to not be able to branch out and grab hold of the ground once it is planted.


•   Next, dig your hole, and make sure that it is at least twice as wide as the rootball of the tree, and do not make it any deeper than it had been planted previously in the growth centre you got it from.


•   If there is a burlap sack around the rootball, cut it off after placing it in the hole, but you can leave the sack at the bottom of the hole, since it will simply become compost over time and aid in the growth of the tree.


•   Fill up the hole with loose soil and a little bit of water to keep it moist. Once the hole is filled, compact the soil with your hands to make sure there are no remaining air pockets between the soil and the tree roots.


•   In order to ensure the straight growth of the tree, plant a stake next to it and tie it loosely to the tree. Once you are sure the tree will grow straight unhindered, cut the stake out, or leave it, and allow the tree to push it out as it grows.


•   Water the tree every day for several weeks after it is planted. This will allow the roots to grow and grab hold of the soil quickly, and after that, you should have a self-sustaining tree, right in your back yard!

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